Reunion Show - Even Ruedi grows older ...

Even Ruedi gets older and us (as well as many other bands) still fall for his charms ...
On October 20 - after more than 10 years - Skaladdin will once again grab their instruments and (try to) play their songs. The event is titled "All my friends are in bands", Dachstock and Rsssssssli invite and many old (and grown old) friends will play: Tight Finks, The Monofones, Fuckadies, Failed Teachers and Uristier. It's going to be lgendary!
Host: Dachstock
Presale: Petzi

Skaladdin is back - at least for one single show

After a well-deserved 6 years break we're back on stage by end of this month (more under the "Gigs" Section). We're (probably...) better than ever - so be there or be square. We look forward to seeing you all!


...and we're working on new stuff. Stay tuned!


The last two weekends we rocked together with the Tight Finks. Both bands heard quite a lot of each other in the last couple of years, but never played together before. When we first met we got along perfectly well and had the same kind of humor. Cool guys doing great sounds - check them out! In Adelboden at the great Vogellisi Open Air festival, Skaladdin had a very special guest appearance from Mauz, the former second singer. It was and still is a pleasure to have him on holidays in Switzerland. As you might have guessed, we have had a lot of fun the last two weekends and two great shows with good crowds. Thank you all!


On Friday afternoon we could once again pack our bus Mona with all our instruments and drive to Visp. In a quite big ice hockey hall with 3 (!) stages in it we played pretty late as a headliner. Our worries that those mountain dudes only showed up because of the quite diverse offers of local wines were found to be real, it was however still a funny party - also because of the alcohol described earlier. On Saturday Skaladdin's first Open Air of the season took place - on a cold and rainy day. The SUFO street party in St. Gallen was lots of fun having lots of dancing and screaming people im front of the stage.


We now finally uploadad all the lyrics to the Skaladdin songs. They can be found in the 'discography' section. And please check our upcoming shows in the 'shows' section.


The year 2006 was definitly the highlight in the band history of Skaladdin. Loaded with the CD 'Young, Handsome & We Know It' we played more then 130 shows all over the world - a great experiance! At this point we would like to thank all people who supported us. A big, fat 'BIG UP!' goes on to all those who came to our shows as well to all the promoters (except Jared Gardener from Red Dragon Booking, who badly ripped us off) who worked that hard to set up all the concerts. For the financial support we would like to thank the city and state of Berne as well as the Suisa foundation for music. In January, we are going to play one more show before jumping into the practice room to work on new material. We all wish you a happy new year and hope to see you guys soon. Cheers!

Regular Live?

As everybody knows, November isn't the most likeable month of the year. Besides it was unusual warm this time, it still isn't able to convince. The guys from Skaladdin, bearly back from tour, had to get used to this adverse circumstances. Some of us tried it with extremly long sleep - phases, the others just found back to their regular lives. Only for one reason: not suffering of sentimental memories (oh it was so good to be on tour..!). Next monday on the famous "Zibelemärit" (onionmarket) we kick off the regular live: Skaladdin performes at ISC Club in Bern. Besides some farts - this day onionpastry is a must for Bernese - we will offer a musical energydrink. 125 concerts this year didn't pass us without traces. Convince yourself! Hint: use the presale at Rockaway Beach, Spychergasse 35, 3011 Bern!!


Exhausted but happy - that's the way Skaladdin has arrived on wednesday back in Switzerland. The two and a half months touring in Europe and the following 4 months around the globe have left an enormous number of impressions (mostly good) and have let us learn a lot. German speaking people can still read in our journal about this tour. The part about South Africa is going to be published in a few days. At this point we would like to thank from the deepest of our hearts everybody who helped us on the realisation of this monster project, which we will remember for the rest of our lives. After only two long sleeps SKaladdin has already played a concert in Switzerland. People from Thun had shown us at a good comeback-gig, that they did not forget about us in the meantime.

Back from the advebture

The worldtour 06 is comming to an end. but skaladdin can't get enough from playing, so you will have the chance to see them back in Switzerland. Check Gigs and get all the informations you need. Campai from Japan, and see you soon!


After a long time without new news, it was time to show that we are still alive and still on our mission to conquer the world. Chile, the USA, Hawaii and New Zealand have been travelled through, and we have played lots of concerts. In New Zealand where we are at the moment, Skaladdin has played its 100. concert this year and some dozens more will follow. As usual, you can read our journal to see how we have been doing. I could finally upload the entry about the westcoast USA and a resume about Hawaii will follow in a few days.


Part two of our worldtour has started on july 4th. haeving taken the plane to brasil and played concerts there, as well as in Argentina and Uruguay, we're heading now to Chile. This will be the last destination in South America, and after this we'll be ready to rock the next continent, North America... ps: keep watching the gigs-list to get all informations about the upcomming concerts. By the way (l): Check our new Myspace-Site: By the way (ll): If you're from Chile (or if you speak spanish or...). Check our blog-site in Chile:


Since last Monday, we are back in Switzerland. 84 days, 14 countries, 45 gigs and 21113 kilometers exhausted us, but we've seen and learned a lot, had lots of fun and got to know many very nice people. We would like to thank all the people that helped us on this adventure. During june we are relaxing (watch the World Championship) with only one exclusive show in Switzerland. Then, in the beginning of July, we are heading to conquer the world by plane.

Skaladdin on tour

With their new CD "Young, Handsome & We Know It" Skaladdin is touring throughout Europe. All concert-dates and locations are found on the gigs-page. We also introduced a journal, where you'll find on a regular basis new stories about us being on tour. There you'll also find pictures and in the near future some vidoclips.


Well, after some busy 2 weeks of touring Germany we have arrived yesterday in Holland, where we could chill out a bit. We already have played about ten shows and have driven about 4000 kilometers in our bus. The shows in Germany were all very interesting and also mostly successful. Special thanks go out to the bands, organisators, bookers and hosts. For some regular news about our tour, please check out our new journal-page, where we will put reviews and pictures ou a weekly basis.


... well, not really actually. But in the charts of the alternative Swiss radio station 3fach, Skaladdins 'Romance and Glory' is placed in the top 10! Please visit and vote for us. Also, since quite some time, Skaladdin has a second virtual home on Purevolume. Check out


Bulle, Berne, Bienne and Brugg were the first four stations in our stuffed gig-calendar this year - and it rocked! Thank you guys! We are not yet completely sure, if it was because of the starting letter of the towns names, but we are trying to uncover this mistery next weekend: Adelboden and Montreux will be our next stops. If you wanna be on the safe side, we propose you to have a visit in Basel on March, 3rd.


We are happily anxiously looking forward to todays record release party at the Dachstock Reithalle in Bern and hope for a full house. Besides the new CD 'Young, Handsome & We Know It' that is available in our shop since a week, we have put new merchandise in it. Prices have dropped for t-shirts and girlies - happy shopping!


Here are some more news about Skaladdin's new album "Young, Handsome & We Know It". The record release party will happen as announced at the Dachstock Reithalle in Berne. Date: February 11, 2006 Club: Dachstock Reithalle, Berne Support: The Peacocks (Punkabilly, Winterthur) Doors: 22h Price: CHF 20.-- Tickets: Rockaway Beach, Berne (Speichergasse 35) Some specials are guaranteed and we are looking forward to a very good party! The CD will be available in stores from February 3, 2006. Go get the record in the first few days, practice a lot, and sing along at the release party :-)


The waiting has an end! On February Skaladdin will release their third full-length album with the (slightly ironic) title "Young, Handsome & We Know It". The record release party will happen on Saturday, February 11, 2006 - Dachstock Reithalle, Berne For the next few weeks we are touring around Switzerland to promote the new CD. Please consult the gigs-page for a concert near you. After mid March you wont see us on Swiss stages for quite some time - we conquer the world! Until June we are driving through Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Russia, Austria, and more). After a laundry-day (maybe two) we jump on a plane and travel the world. Brazil, Argentina, Chile, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and South Africa will be our destinations until the end of October. Stay tuned for more... We wish you all a very happy new year and hope to see you on one of our shows. Wherever you live, we will be there! Special thanks go out to all clubs, bookers and promoters doing a great job to make our wish come true.


Skaladdin is back from the Greenwood Studios and besides a bunch of Harddisks containing the songs, we also have a bunch of pictures to show you. As you can imagine, they can be found under 'Pics'. After the recordings, the tracks have to be mixed and mastered at the Greenwood Studios near Basel next month, before going to the pressing company. Then the band will be ready to release their third-born child to the wild.


Even though Skaladdin does not perform on stage in the next few months, the combo does not passively hang around and celebrate themselfs (which we however should try out once). After a lot of practicing, songwriting and a decent preproduction, we settled in at the Backyard Studios (Berne) to record our third full-length album. The release date will be in february 2006, followed by a big promotion tour - stay tuned for more information. One important date on this subject: Saturday, february 11, 2006 Record Release party at the Dachstock (Reitschule) in Berne

Concert in Münchenbuchsee

next weekend Skaladdin is going to play in a club called "Bären" in Münchenbuchsee, showtime is 21.30h. It is the last concert in this year, so we hope of your multitudinous arrival (doors open 20.30h). Skaladdin will play exclusively in the "Bären" some new songs!!! Put on your dancing shoes and don't miss it. Cheers

Manuels marriage and our future

Finally it happened, Manuel is no longer a free man, he married his princess Sera and is reaching out for new territory in Turky. The marriage was a great pleasure (not only because of food and drinks), but for sure we are missing our dwarf in the front row... Skaladdin is working on their new CD, which they gonna record in november in Bern and release in February next year. We are developing our skills in singing, playing and some of us even in blowing. To recharge our batteries, we are playing a gig in Münchenbuchse in a club called Bären. We hope to see you there. Hop YB

Thanks and Good Bye

I would like to address some words personnally concerning me leaving Skaladdin for good. After 7 consecutive years as rock star, I have decided to quit the world of sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, and unbelievable wealth. Instead, I will get myself married, before leaving for Istanbul, where I will spend the next couple of years of my life. I am confident that Skaladdin will really take off with their new CD and that the band will be as rocking live as they had been with me. Thanks for everything (a big hello to South Africa), especially to the people that honoured us with their presence for my last concert last Saturday in Thun. Keep on skankin' Mäni


Thanks a lot for being such a fantastic audience at our lastest concerts. Festivals like the "Vogellisi" will stay for a long time in our minds. Now it's time to put on your football shoes and your YB-tricot to be ready for the 30th of July to inaugurate Bernes new soccer stadion (free concert, tingler at 19.30h). Pimp Records proudly presents their new website, where you can find all you need-to-know about our own label. Especially with specifics on topics of Records, Booking and Bus hire. Don't hesitate, visit Finally we have sad news for you (first of all female fans): Our sweet little Manuel is head over heels in love with his enchanting girlfriend from Turkey, and that's the reason why he gonna leave our band and country to have better times in Turkey (that's at least what he told us). Even you could not see that much of Manuel because of his body height, he was a big enrichment for our band and that's why we will really miss him!!! The chance to pay Manuels last respects is our concert in Thun!


After a short break Skaladdin strikes back in good shape and with new ideas. They are looking forward to the summer season and to your visits, especially the opening for the new soccerstadium "Stade de Suisse" in Bern (CH) where Skaladdin is going to set an example for getting ass moved, right Chapi? (more informations - gigs) Stoping the roumors we have to admit that Skaladdin is working on a new album, which is coming out in February next year. That's why Skaladdin is not having as many concerts as they used to, since the preparation is taking a lot of time until the end of 2005.


It was very cool yesterday - not only for you guys queuing outside and being bombed with snowballs (n.b. they were all thrown by those childisch 'Fuckadies'). We had a lot of fun playing our last show before a break of several month in our hometown in Bern. Some of us are going to Jamaica and smoke ... cigrarettes and drink ... water. Petz cannot stop playing his guitar and joined Open Season and King Django for their European Tour. From the end of mai we hit the streets again and we would be very glad to see you in a club or festival near you.


Skaladdin is really pleased about their show on february 26th, 2005 in the infamous Gaskessel in Bern. It's going to be show #7 in this location! If you think they gonna play their usual set then your totally wrong. Skaladdin has been working on songs for several months and is ready to give you an impression of how a new released longplayer could sound like - so don't miss it! Many first times for a lot of songs! You may get tickets at Chop Rechords Bern, and don't forget: it's going to be the last concert until the end of may!


It was once forseen that we had a huge four day car ride two weeks ago, while playing three shows in Bergenz, Prag and Graz. The last two shows had to be cancelled in early december, but were still noted on the internet platform of the corresponding club sites. We still wanted to play the show in Bregenz, but due to renovation work at the Between that was delayed - they had do postpone all january gigs. But be promised that we are very keen on playing these shows in the short future. Also in february there were some changes in our schedule wich provoced some questions in our guestbook. Skaladdin deeply regrets not being able to support their friends scatterbrains in Basel for their record release party on february 25th. However on the 26th Skaladdin will hit their hometown once again, so we would love to see your faces out there in the Gaskessel. The band is going to perform a lot of new songs they've never played on stage yet. After this show Skaladdin will take their first time out after six years and will be back on stage in summer for the festivals.


The tenth edition of the magazine Real Rocker is available for five swiss francs at exquisite recordstores since the beginning of december. You are also able to order it at Within a few months this magazine got a leading position in the swiss ska-, punk- and hardcore-journals. For it's celebration a compilation CD (26 songs) is included with the purchace of the current realrocker edition. From 12-26-2004 to 12-28-2004, the time when families are getting together to celebrate whatever, with a dead tree in their living rooms, Skaladdin is celebrating themselves with shows in Interlaken, Adelboden and Thun. A chance to sing along songs of which you're not supposed to know the lyrics.


Skaladdin's internet-shop is now online. Have fun buying stuff ;-).Unfortunately we still have some stability issues with our server that lead to 'Internal Server Errors'. I'm busy tracking down the problem. Until then, a 'Reload' can help. dinkel - webmaster


Today is the launch date of Skaladdin's new website. Major changes are not only the complete redesign, but also a translation to english (only german before). I hope you all enjoy this website and finally be able to understand all the information you are searching for years now :-) dinkel - Webmaster



















































COUNTDOWN - 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, ...

Not only that in five days (November 16) the "Plattentaufe" will have place on the Gurten, but also the CD will be aviliable on the exact same day. Some days ago SKALADDIN got this cd with 13 tracks on it, featuring every kind of music you can put "SKA-" before... (got it?) Seriously: the tracks differ in speed, style and "hardness" so that "rub the lamp" will have a songs for anyone :-) dinkel - webmaster Once again: do not forget to come on the Gurten on Friday and have a great ska-nite on top of Bern.


Ok, the date and location for the "Plattentaufe" of SKALADDINs first CD titled "rub the lamp" is fixed now! Take out your largest Edding and mark the following lines in your diary: 16.11.2001 - Up Town, Gurten Bern, Doors: 21.00 dinkel - webmaster


It's done! In a extremely secure safe with an unknown location is the master record of SKALADDINs first CD! They spent 8 days in a studio in Winterthur (DALA Produkte) to do the recordings. At the moment there are additional 'steps' to take until you guys and girls can actually buy it. The booklet is work in progress right now as are some legal questions about reselling and even some merchandising articles. It looks like the "Plattentaufe" will take place in mid november - but don't blame me if this information is wrong. If more facts are clear you will be informed at the same place. For this update there shoud have been new pics but as I don't have them I cannot upload them. So stay tuned for more pics in the near future. There is a new gig having place in Aarau - check the gigs-page. dinkel - webmaster


Some of you may have recognized that SKALADDIN hadn't had many gigs lately... We do appologize and give you a very simple answer to the question why! The time has come for SKALADDIN to record the first CD. At the end of august we have rented a studio in Winterthur (Dala Produkte). We hope that this CD will be aviliable in september or at the begin of october. After this release SKALADDIN is looking forward to play all over Switzerland and have a big-ass promotion tour... (maybe not as big-ass, but still have a many gigs as possible!) If anyone is interested on having SKALADDIN on his stage please contact us. dinkel - webmaster florian - bandmember